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The new year has passed and resolutions have been kept or broken. The healthy-minded folks are big on resolutions, and they know if they slip up, they can get back on track. Today that’s even easier, thanks to technology. Check out these best health and fitness gadgets for 2019.

Apple Watch Series 4

The best Apple Watch yet has simple but impressive rich fitness capabilities. Its unique three-ring design has a blue inner ring to ensure the wearer stands for an hour. Complete the green middle ring with 30 minutes of brisk exercise. The toughest is the outer ring. A set number of active calories must be burned during the day to turn it. Store songs on it to listen to workout music via Bluetooth headphones.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit’s second smartwatch is sleek and elegant. The brand is well-known for accurate measurements. More affordable than the earlier iconic Fitbit, the Versa focuses on fitness and exercise. It features onscreen workouts and, thanks to its GPS chip tracks outdoor running more accurately. The Versa also has heart-rate monitoring capabilities to keep you updated your heart health. Lastly, the Versa‚Äôs lightweight design allows you to wear the watch while sleeping and offers sleep tracking technology to help you understand your sleep patterns and if you are getting the right amount of sleep.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s latest tracker is more advanced than ever. The monochrome screen is readable even in bright sunlight. It can monitor heart rate at rest and during exercise. Its light weight makes it good for sleep tracking, and it analyses sleep better than most. One unique feature is the SpO2 measuring that can help diagnose sleep apnea if the user enrolls in the Fitbit Sleep Score program. The Charge 3 offers heart rate monitoring, which can help you track your heart rate during exercise as well as while resting. The only difference between the Charge 3 and the Versa is the design, where the Versa is more fashionable similar to a watch and the Charge 3 is designed more to give more health information.