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As you can imagine, it costs a great deal of money to maintain a hospital, as there are a lot of costs that go into its operation. One of the biggest situations that make a hospital’s costs particularly difficult to manage is the readmission of patients that have been discharged. There are a variety of risk factors that go into a patient’s likelihood of being readmitted to a hospital. This can range from their socio-economic status and educational level to their ethnic background. Whatever the reason, readmitting patients can be a financial challenge for a hospital. One of the ways this issue is being combatted is through engagement.

One of the ways in which patient engagement has been shown to improve is with the assistance of mobile tools. The primary reason why mobile tools are used is that they increase the ease of two-way collaboration between the patient and the provider. Creating incentives for the patient has proven to be the backbone of making the use of technology more effective. Fortunately, there has shown to be beneficial (what has been beneficial ?) Digital engagement for the patients has shown to decrease both waiting times and potential costs associated with readmission. However, the benefits do not stop there. Specific diets and exercise regimens are created for conditions suited to them. Technology has been highly endorsed by medical professionals and hospitals for their efficiency. Doctors and healthcare providers are able to improve their quality of care by getting a clearer indication of patient data. In the hospital setting, the full scope of the patient’s condition may not be known to them, but the effects of medicine on patients through mobile technology has begun to change the dynamic.

In addition, mobile tools have been shown to increase diagnostic accuracy. According to a study done by Health Statistics in 2016, 93% of physicians believed that mobile apps could help improve a patient’s health for this reason. Accurate and descriptive notes can be more easily logged, and the inconvenience of poor handwriting is eliminated as well.

The convenience of technology has proven to be a great addition to the healthcare world, but more importantly, the patient benefits the most because it eliminates many of the previous issues. It is expected that technology will continue to be integrated more into a patient’s health routine